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The best product for us is the one that will please you every day

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CATLER is the union of modern technologies with traditional food preparation methods. Thanks to technology, we are able to quickly and easily achieve perfect culinary results without having to compromise our demands on flavour, colour, aroma, simply the quality of the finished meal.

These appliances are characterised by their elegant design in simple forms and the selection of exclusive materials. CATLER is made to perfectly fit the modern kitchen, where new trends and technologies are appearing all the time – where after being programmed, appliances run almost independently, communicate via intelligent displays and their operation is extremely simple. During the development of all products, great importance is placed on safety, fast and healthy meal preparation as well as straightforward maintenance. Perfect workmanship down to the last detail, high quality materials, stylish design and use of latest technologies predispose CATLER appliances to frequent and long-term use even in the most demanding households. Welcome to the world of appliances from CATLER, appliances without compromise!

This year, selected CATLER appliances are being launched on the market under the SAGE brand. Meaning that you at selected vendors you may come across the same product sold under both brand names. Warranty and post warranty service remains unchanged.


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Catler konvice

The best product for us is the one that will please you every day

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Another innovation from the CATLER product line is in the area of blending. The difference between standard blending and blending in a vacuum will become immediately evident. You will instantly realise that blending is much gentler, food retains its flavour and even appearance for longer, and does not spoil as fast. Colour is retained even on very demanding foods (apple juice, avocado, mango), more antioxidants and compounds beneficial to the body. Separation of pulp from water does not occur. Blending is finer, the result has a great taste.

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Catler breakfast set for your early mornings

Enjoy your mornings. They are the promise of a new day. Let yourself be woken by the aroma of fresh coffee, crunchy toast or the irresistible taste of your favourite combination of fruit milkshakes or smoothies.

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New Catler kettle

Tea may remain ordinary. Or transform it into a beverage of noble flavours with beneficial health effects. Now imagine a kettle that monitors the right temperature and extraction time for black, green, white, herbal, Oolong or flower tea for you. And also imagine a kettle that will introduce you to a world of culinary delights and enrich your table with homemade yoghurts, exotic chutney, chocolate fondue or real homemade cider. Always fresh, whenever you feel like it.

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