PB 4011

Smoothie blender

PB 4011

If a morning refresh with a smoothie has become a daily ritual for you too then you will surely appreciate this well-equipped smoothie blender. It is easy to control using buttons with LED operation indicators on a large front panel. You can select from the following modes: chopping, blending fresh or frozen food, smoothie and Pulse.

Highlights PB 4011

  • Intuitive control panel with an LED indicators
  • Large and smaller travel smoothie cup and cap with a handle
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Another option is ice crushing or full power with Pulse


Such features combined with very sharp blades and powerful motor will not limit you to only smoothies but will expand your culinary possibilities. For example, you can make ice creams, sorbes, sauces, herbs, dressings and even liquid doughs and liven up your diet each and every day.


  • Automatic blending mode
  • Pulse blending mode


Two Tritan jars, 710 ml and 530 ml

Technical specifications

  • Power output 900 W
  • LED indicator lights
  • Stainless steel design

Control panel

Control panel

Intuitive control panel with an LED indicators

Travel smoothie cup

Travel smoothie cup

A small or large travel smoothie cup with drinking cap and handle is great when packed for school or work.