Grilled boneless pork neck

with blue cheese field mushrooms grilled wrapped in bacon"

Grilled boneless pork neck

Number of portions: 4
Cooking time: 45 min
Difficulty: Easy


1 kg pork neck
12 field mushrooms
0,15 kg blue cheese (Niva)
12 bacon slices
1 table spoon sea salt
crushed pepper (mix)
6 table spoon olive oil (extra virgin)
8 red cherry tomatoes


  • Wash and dry field mushrooms and take out the stalks. Salt caps, sprinkle with olive oil and fill with blue cheese. Now wrap into the bacon slices. Place dried meat (at room temperature) onto the heated grill (approx. 220 ºC – thermostat shows SEAR); do not salt, pepper nor marinate the meat! Do not grease the grill and grill about 7 one each side (the grilling time depends on the meat thickness).
  • Place mushrooms onto the grill together with the meat, grill on olive oil on each side but first with the cheese side down. Once cheese starts to leak, turn the mushrooms.
  • Take out of the grill, put on the board and now salt and pepper (for better taste, use freshly grounded spice). Leave 2 minutes to rest and then place on the plate. Place cherry tomatoes on the heated grill and grill until the skin breaks. Decorate the plate by these tomatoes. Serve with toasted white baguette.