Catler breakfast set for your early mornings

Enjoy your mornings. They are the promise of a new day. Let yourself be woken by the aroma of fresh coffee, crunchy toast or the irresistible taste of your favourite combination of fruit milkshakes or smoothies.

cm-4010-320.jpgCATLER COFFEE MAKER CM 4010

 It is a return to a forgotten tradition and a coffee with a gentle aroma and light nuance of flavours that can be drunk all day long. The aroma of freshly filtered coffee is based on the natural process of extracting soluble substances from in water, it is a true symphony of flavours with which you will surely fall in love. Unlike strong espresso, filtered coffee is finer because the substances are not extracted under pressure, only by the effect of hot water of approximately 93 °C. The entire process takes only a few minutes (3–4) and the important point is that no further extraction of substances from coffee bean takes place.

You can try out an endless number of flavours. For example, let yourself be inspired by the Syrian tradition of drip coffee with cardamom, of which you will never tire. Even in the first sip you will feel the bitterness and essential coffee oils followed by gentle tones typical for the individual coffee bean varieties that you already know and love.

The  CATLER CM 4010 coffee maker for filtered coffee has a large intuitive LED display meaning that you can comfortably select the serving time for fresh coffee, its intensity and the required number of cups. And you do not need to wait for the first cup, you can take the coffee kettle out at any time, even while it is still brewing, and serve fresh coffee. The keep warm function is preset to 40 minutes.


toaster-320.jpgCATLER TOASTER TS 4012

A crunchy toast made precisely the way you like it is a great start to every morning. The CATLER TS 4012 toaster has a large and intuitive LED display where you can easily enter the settings for a single toast or two together, as well as toasting intensity, keep warm option or defrosting. The timer counts down until your deliciously crunchy toast is ready to set the foundation for a great breakfast. Using the lift button, you can check the progress of your toast. The toaster also has an auto-centring function and is even ready for extra thick bread slices.


CATLER SMOOTHIE PB 4011smoothie-320-(1).jpg

If a morning refresh with a smoothie has become a daily ritual for you too then you will surely appreciate this well-equipped smoothie blender. It is easy to control using buttons with LED operation indicators on a large front panel. You can select from the following modes: chopping, blending fresh or frozen food, smoothie and Pulse. Such features combined with very sharp blades and powerful motor will not limit you to only smoothies but will expand your culinary possibilities. For example, you can make ice creams, sorbets, sauces, herbs, dressings and even liquid doughs and liven up your diet each and every day. A small or large travel smoothie cup with drinking cap and handle is great when packed for school or work.


mixer-320.jpgCATLER TABLE BLENDER TB 4010

This powerful tabletop blender handles not only energy-packed shakes but also other household tasks. It has a large intuitive LED display, where you can choose from 5 blending levels: for a fine smoothie for drinking from a bottle, for a fuller smoothie, for blending drinks, and for blending or chopping food. Another option is ice crushing or full power with Pulse.

The blender comes with a blending jar and a smoothie bottle with drinking cap, a selection of 5 programs, Pulse and ice crushing - these accessories will turn your breakfast into a concert of flavours appreciated by the whole family.

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