New Catler kettle

Tea may remain ordinary. Or transform it into a beverage of noble flavours with beneficial health effects. Now imagine a kettle that monitors the right temperature and extraction time for black, green, white, herbal, Oolong or flower tea for you. And also imagine a kettle that will introduce you to a world of culinary delights and enrich your table with homemade yoghurts, exotic chutney, chocolate fondue or real homemade cider. Always fresh, whenever you feel like it.

It transforms tea into an indulgence so you immediately taste the difference.
And we go even farther.


The Product Manager for the CATLER brand, Pavel Šramota, said:  "I consider it an act of extreme barbarism to pour boiling hot water over quality tea and then let it brew for eternity – this just totally destroys its flavour and all the precious compounds for which we drink it. To achieve the best tea flavour we need to consider 3 factors: quality clean water, right water temperature and appropriate brewing time. Using our new kettles, you can prepare various types of tea, they monitor both the temperature and the brewing process and inform you of everything by a sound signal. They will enable you to create, combine, taste and enjoy incredible flavours. And that is what it's all about. With the cooking set included with the SP 8010 model, you can even try making vegetable or fruit chutneys, or homemade yoghurts costing just a few cents, not to mention fruit baby food or rice. You will soon find out how easy it is."
Did you know , that…?

A different brewing time is recommended for each individual tea type in order to develop its full flavour before the tea turns bitter. If you prefer a stronger tea, it is better to increase the amount rather than the brewing time.


You will be hard-pressed to find a kettle that understands the wishes of the whole family. If it's your wish, it will simply boil water, whilst still being able to set its temperature between 40 °C and 100 °C. A total of 5 basic tea brewing programs will monitor the right temperature and brewing time for Green, Black, Herbal, Oolong and White tea. Additional features include special programs for ice tea, mulled wine or cider, and after inserting the inner GLASS POT it also has programs for homemade yoghurt or chutney. The 500-ml GLASS POT is truly unique. Use it to conjure up not only fruit and vegetable chutneys and various sauces but also excellent rice, melt chocolate for fondue, prepare fruit baby food or use it to heat the baby food up.  

SP-8010.jpgThe KEEP WARM function maintains the set temperature of the water and the tea extract for up to 30 minutes. The kettle exhibits exceptionally precise workmanship – the combination of stainless steel and Duran Schott glass components is proof of its high quality. 

Volume of 1.2 litres 



A blossoming garden will appear in every cup of tea since this kettle will boil the water and prepare the tea exactly as it should taste. It has 5 preset tea programs – Green, Black, Herbal, Oolong, White and also a Boil function (boils water to 100 °C) and a special Flower Tea program. Each of these programs has a definite temperature and brewing time, nevertheless, you may adjust these values as required. Use the Flower Tea program for various combinations of fruit and herbal beverages, to experiment and taste as you please – everything is permitted.  

The practical KEEP WARM function maintains the set temperature of the water and the brewed tea for up to 30 minutes. Precision workmanship using stainless steel and Duran Schott glass components. 

Volume of 1.2 litres


Always different, always perfect tea. Experience all the basic tea types perfectly brewed and combine them with fruit and herbs for an endless combination of flavour variations. This kettle not only boils water but also simplifies tea brewing thanks to 4 preset programs – just select the right one for the specific type of tea - green, black, white or Oolong. When the water has heated up, place tea into the tea strainer, then place the tea strainer into the kettle and start the brewing mode. Wait for an acoustic signal that will inform you about the end of the brewing time when it is necessary to remove the strainer with the steamed tea and then just enjoy the perfectly brewed tea. 


The practical KEEP WARM function maintains the set temperature of the water and the brewed tea for 30 minutes.

Volume of 1.2 litres




Jana Fábryová,
PR manažer CATLER
Tel.: 777 800 880