Vacuum sealer - a new phenomenon against wasting food

A vacuum sealer will keep food fresh for a long time, retain full aroma, flavour and nutrients, which would have otherwise degraded after a few days, and most important of all you will be eating healthily. Without any exaggeration, only after using a vacuum sealer will you realise how easy it is to prevent wasting food and throwing it away, not to mention the savings achieved on the family's budget.


With the help of a vacuum sealer, after extracting air and storing food in a vacuum, its quality is protected by slowing down the multiplication of micro-organisms such as bacteria or moulds; vacuum sealing also prevents food from soaking in foreign smells Food remains fresh for 3 – 5 times longer, and therefore healthy, compared to standard storage in a refrigerator.

Despite this fact, many people still have doubts about the actual usefulness of a vacuum sealer. However, it is very simple, explains Pavel Šramota, Product Manager for the CATLER brand: "Putting its versatility, range of uses in the household aside, a lot really depends on the way we shop. If you intelligently shop planning several days in advance based on your current tastes and needs, you will appreciate the vacuum sealer for homemade specialities such as marinated steaks, aromatic cheeses, schnitzel meat or fish - and prevent unpleasant odours from spreading throughout the refrigerator.  However, larger families or those buying in bulk who need to store their food or keep it fresh - for them the vacuum sealer will be a saviour in many respects. The ability to save space in the refrigerator or freezer, or to save opened food packaging and prevent food from spoiling, storing cooked food for later consumption, which is simply reheated in the microwave – this represents just the tip of the iceberg of possible uses. Add to this the significant savings of family finances spent on food, and then this proposition becomes worthy of consideration."


Imagine using the vacuum sealer not only at home for everyday tasks but also being able to take it along on your holiday. It will help fishermen with their catch, cottage owners with their harvested produce or as a "food basket" that you cook later. It's 12 V power supply enables its use in cars, on boats or in caravans, etc.


Wine lovers will rejoice when they discover than unfinished wine bottles can be vacuum sealed to retain the wine's best properties until it is consumed the next time. The CATLER vacuum sealer is equipped with a special bottle attachment that will become a favourite of all fine food lovers, for example for retaining the full aroma of vinegar or quality oil. Extracting air from the bottle will prevent the contents from turning rancid and losing aroma.


The CATLER vacuum sealer will safely extend the freshness of foods. You will save space in the refrigerator or freezer, a great help when travelling and preparing food for the summer holiday. In order to have everything that you need for sealing foods for storage, the vacuum sealer comes with a kitchen scale and a cutting blade. Another advantage is the 12 V / 220V power supply enabling both standard mains power and use in a car, on a boat or in a caravan, and thanks to 2xAA batteries, the kitchen scale can be used with the vacuum sealer practically anywhere.

Apart from vacuum sealing in bags or rolls, the vacuum sealer also has a special attachment for extracting air from bottles to extend the life of wine, vinegar or oil. The actual air extraction process is quiet, offering 2 suction speeds – normal / gentle and 2 suction modes – dry/moist food.


 It is possible to purchase additional foils on rolls or in bags in widths of 20 - 30 cm. Foils are made from a quality material, they are strong, durable and non-toxic.  They maintain moisture, they are anti-bacterial and BPA-free. They enable both freezing and microwave heating, they can be washed in a dishwasher and finally they are recyclable, making them environmentally friendly. Special channels are used for air extraction. 

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PR manažer CATLER
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