Vacuum sealer Catler VS 8010 - tips for correct vacuum sealing

Freshness, appearance and also aroma are properties that we appreciate in all foods. The vacuum sealer will perfectly handle even this task. The price of this appliance is in the one thousand crown range. If we want it to serve us reliably for a long time, we should be aware of several vacuum sealing fundamentals. We should behave with the same respect to food and the environment.

vakuovacka-320.jpgProtect your investment

The vacuum sealer is not cheap. If you wish to extend its lifetime, clean it after every use according to the manufacturer's manual. Likewise, use it according to the manual and avoid unnecessarily damaging it.

Be carefully with crumbs, liquids or dust

When extracting air, it is necessary to avoid sucking undesirable particles or liquids into the suction mechanism. Therefore, freeze liquid food before vacuum sealing it. When vacuum sealing, for example ground nuts, flour, breadcrumbs, etc. place a paper tissue or coffee filter over the suction inlet to prevent dust and dirt from entering inside.

Save the foil and thereby the environment.

Pay special attention when vacuum sealing food and try to keep the sides of the foil together. If shrivelling occurs, there is no need to throw out the foil, simply bring the seal closer to the food.
To save on foil use, leave the foil approximately 7 cm to 10 cm longer than the actual food.  You can then use the foil another 3 times or so before throwing it out. Meaning that ever 2.5 - 3 cm determines how many more times the foil can be used.

Vacuum sealing sharp-edged foods

Pasta or fruit can cause puncturing. Before extracting the air, wrap such food in paper tissue.

Silica gel bags

We throw them out, but in this case they serve to absorb moisture – we may use them directly inside vacuum sealer bags both for dried fruits or clothing. Also, when in the vicinity of the vacuum sealer, it protects the appliance against moisture, corrosion and mould growth.

Vacuum sealing fragile foods

Without being frozen in advance, soft fruit would be squashed by vacuum sealing. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, meatballs and other similar foods need to be frozen on a freezing tray first, and only then should air be extracted. They will hold their shape and will not stick together. Be careful when storing sauces and purée. Air bubbles need to be tapped out of them prior to freezing.

Thorough labelling

It will keep everything clearly marked and prevent mistakes. You will not select tomato sauce instead of tomato soup and likewise you will not mistake a schnitzel for a steak.

Potions and storage

Rational shopping behaviour is generally regarded as the best way of saving food as well as money. Bulk packaging is generally better value and subsequent portioning is a task during which a vacuum sealer should not be missing.

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