Meat preparation before grilling


Meat preparation before grilling

Do not dash meat; it loses not only taste, but also color.
Take meat out of the fridge a few hours before grilling, remove carefully sinew and fat parts – but be careful as it always depends on the someone´s appetite because fat is a taste holder, so not always is good to remove fat parts.
 Leave it under a paper towel or textile cloth to take the room temperature. Then cut steaks of approx. 2.5 – 3 thickness for high quality grilling meat, for bigger meat lovers serve rather two pieces (take out in the morning and grill in the evening.
It is a mistake to leave meat in the fridge till the last moment. If you then place it on the grill or pan, a thermal shock appears, meat will get tough and it will not tender anymore – the grilled meat will be tough and rubbery.

Do not heat meat, e.g. in the microwave oven!

Before grilling:

  • Do not salt (salt at   70 ºC – and more breaks muscle fiber   - nature juice leaks   - one of the reason why the steak is dry and tough.
  • Do not pepper Before grilling – pieces of pepper get burned and become bitter and that will strongly influence the taste of grilling meat.
  • Do not marinate – Do not add other taste or marinates. Let´s enjoy the natural taste of grilling meat.
  • Do not tender – in order not to break muscle fiber where are protains – juice– another reason why the steak is dry and tough.

We spread any part of meat by desired oil – it is recommended to heat oil in hands at first and then rub into meat. Do not use oil for frying it such case.